LRM 5212
The LRM 5212 can handle the most demanding grinding applications. Perfect for sheared stumps, logs up to 36”, C&D Waste, green way waste and many other products. The LRM5212 is the solution to high fuel costs and higher capital costs! Get 200 yards per hour primary grind at a rate of 20-25 gallons per hour. The 5212 is field convertible from fixed to swing hammers for a premium regrind at a rate of 300-400 yards per hour depending on the product and screen sizes.

Mill Specifications:
18 - 1 1/4” thick plates
88 Swing Hammers
34 Fixed Hammers
6 1/2” diameter Mill Shaft

Our ultimate tub grinder drive line utilizes the TRANSFLUID fluid coupler. No clutch plates. No wear parts. In the event the hammermill jams or is stopped, the KPTO fluid coupler
immediately and automatically shuts down protecting the hammermill and the drive line. Once the hammermill is cleared, simply reset the KPTO and resume grinding.
No parts to replace! No torque limiter to rebuild or replace.
No downtime or parts expense.

• 700 hp Caterpillar Engine - STANDARD

• Upgraded Hydraulic & Electrical System Featuring:

• Sauer Danfoss +1 Management System - STANDARD

• All digital & analog controls - STANDARD

• Radio Remote Control - STANDARD

• Automated Material Infeed Control - STANDARD

• Reversible Engine Fan - Optional

• Variable and Reversible Heat Exchanger Fans - STANDARD

• 12’ Tub constructed of 3/8” thick AR 400F for excellent wear results, NO DINGS! NO
90 degree tilt of Tub Platform facilitates cleaning of tub for transport as well as screen & hammer changes. Change screens in 30 minutes or less, change hammers in 45 minutes!
Change hammer tips in 20 minutes!