LRM 4011

Lane Recycling Machinery is pleased to offer the 4011 tub grinder, designed with wood-yard operators, developers and landscapers in mind. This grinder offers big machine
capabilities with economical fuel consumption and low initial capital investment. The 4011 comes with the John Deere 425 hp Power Pack as STANDARD. 19 KPTO Kraft
Transfluid Coupler is STANDARD; a true hydraulic fluid coupler built to take the abuse grinding operations encounter. The 40” wide hammermill, with either fixed hammers or swing hammers, is capable of grinding leaves, bark, chips, bark slabs, and green waste 12-16” in diameter. The tub, constructed of AR400F, with a diameter of 11’ for
easy loading with rubber tire loaders or excavators. The 4011 has folding flares to create an 8’ 6” transport width to avoid most wide load permit requirements.

Our ultimate tub grinder drive line utilizes the TRANSFLUID fluid coupler. No clutch plates. No wear parts. In the event the hammermill jams or is stopped, the KPTO fluid coupler
immediately and automatically shuts down protecting the hammermill and the drive line. Once the hammermill is cleared, simply reset the KPTO and resume grinding.
No parts to replace! No torque limiter to rebuild or replace.
No downtime or parts expense.

• Sauer Danfoss PLUS ONE +1

• Customized Hydraulic/Electronic Control and Infeed Monitoring system

• Tub tilts to the side 90 degrees for easy hammer and screen changes.

• Engine: John Deere 425 hp – STANDARD

• Caterpillar and Cummins Packages also available


• Radio Remote Control of Tub Functions – STANDARD

• Now available with Track Drives