The Lane Recycling Machinery T512 is a portable single stage screening trommel designed for the user requiring a durable and tough trommel suitable for a multitude of products.

The T512 offers the Following Features:

• Rugged and Simple

• Powered by a 49 horsepower John Deere Engine. Great Fuel Efficiency (1-2 GPH)

• Processing Throughput Control is achieved by 3 variables; drum speed, drum pitch (angle) and infeed hopper speed

• Reliable, efficient hydraulic system. Simple to operate, easy to maintain

• Variable speed controls for the in feed conveyor, trommel drum, bellypan, and eleva tor.

• Set up in less than 5 minutes.Hydraulic jacks and hydraulic folding elevator for quick setup

Trommel Drum

• Drum is 5 feet diameter x 12 feet long Large Screening Area

• Changeable screens for different materials and different sized unders and overs

• Replace with solid drum for colorizing option - Colorizing Option

• Variable speed and pitch used to control product throughput

• Use jacks to increase or decrease the angle of the trommel drum which determines how quickly the material processes through the drum

• Use the speed control of the hydraulic motors driving the trommel drum which determines how quickly the material processes through the drum

• Use infeed hopper speed control to vary the amount of material in the drum for optimal screening

Air Brush Screen Cleaning System

• Patent pending Air Brush Cleaning System use compressed air and nozzles to clean the drum screen

• Air Brush Cleaning System is timer based for optimal use of compressed air

• Eliminate the expense of replacing worn bristle brushes

• Compressed air can be used to power tools and for cleaning machine

The T512 can Process the following Materials:
• topsoil
• mulch
• gravel
• manure
• compost

Infeed Hopper
• Easy Loading Height - With a low ground to top of hopper height the T512 is well suited for small loader and bobcat sized machines.

• Variable speed control with on/off, forward and reverse function